Spring til indhold

Jordans Drive has been entertaining and playing music since the year 2000. The music is exclusive original music written by the band themselves. The genre is inspired by everything from swing, jazz, rock’n roll, rock’a’billy, blues, Latin. It’s the energy in the music that’s in it the spotlight.
Jordans Drive has played at most of the major Danish festivals. In addition, they have played countless of concerts in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Holland, France, Switzerland and Russia. In 2024, the band is ready with a new show and new original music. In this regard, they are ready to once again take stages at festivals, venues, clubs, town parties with energy, originality and high end music performance.

Jordan’s Drive has previously appeared on
Montreux Jazz festival (CH), Blue Balls Festival (CH), Smuk fest (DK), Nuuk Blues Festival (GL), Bochum Total (D), Jelling Festival (DK), Tønder Festival (DK), PetroJazz (RU), Blues Passions (F), Varanger Festival (N), SildaJazz (N), Copenhagen Jazz Festival (DK) as well as 1,000 other festivals, venues and clubs both at home and abroad.

Line up
Jaco McPhearson – Vocals & Guitar
John “Dolby” von Diboy – Saxophone
Rassi van Kaufi – Trumpet
Kris Van Basten – Double bass
Pedro Jezzerbaum – Drums

Booking / Info
Mail booking: contact@jordansdrive.com
Mail info: soren@jordansdrive.com