Spring til indhold

High Energy, fabulous show, catchy tunes
and a world of gangster suits

Unstoppable dancing grooves and an endless party mood,
is what you get if you go to a concert with Jordans Drive.

– Jordans Drive have existed in 20 years.
– Jordans Drive play about 70 concerts a year.
– Jordans Drive have released 5 albums and 5 ep’s.
– Jordans Drive will release a new album early 2024.

Here is a small list of some of the festivals Jordans Drive have visited:
Montreux Jazz Festival (CH) – Nuuk Blues Festival (GL)
SMUKFest (DK) – Blue Balls (CH)
PetroJazz (RU) – Bochum Total (D)
Festival Da Jazz, St. Moritz (CH) – Blues Passion (F)
Kazan Jazz Festival, (RU) – Varanger Festival (N) 
SildaJazz (N) – JazzTime Hildesheim (D) 
LIFE In Schaan  (FL) – Jazz Party i Lund (S)
Blues’n’Jazz Rapperswille (CH)
– and the list goes on and on…

What you see is what you get…
Jordans Drive always travels in their fashionable suits,
drawing everybody’s attention to the upcoming concert,
all the way from the airport to the venue!